Considering the growing urban population in Ghana, coupled with the increase in the number of vehicles on our roads, limited vehicular road expansion works and many other factors have contributed to an increase in traffic congestion and resulted in violation of traffic rules by motorists and pedestrians.

This situation can be handled by the implementation of appropriate technology solutions for ensuring proper traffic management and security of the commuters. ICT plays a major role in curbing unwanted traffic and other incidents on roads by offering technology solutions like vehicular traffic monitoring and surveillance systems that is capable of monitoring, tracking and regulating traffic as well as tracking offenders and helping the security personnel and authorities in taking prompt action in the event of any violation of rules or breach of security.

Oman Fofor has realized the increasing importance of implementing advanced security systems in Ghana and its benefits at ensuring a safe and secure environment for the citizens. It is to this fact that we offer security and surveillance solution for all kinds of security requirements in Ghana in collaboration with our partners.

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Oman Fofor established in 1989 is a total ICT product and solution provider in Ghana and specializes in Office Automation, Power Solutions, Medical Eye Care, Document Management, Education, Networking, Security and many other products and solutions tailored as per the customer requirements.

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