NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager delivers the very latest in remote PC support and desktop management capabilities. From a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, monitor multiple systems in a single action, deliver hands-on remote support, collaborate and even record or play back sessions. Gather real-time hardware and software inventory, monitor services and even view system config remotely to help resolve issues quickly.

Designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single solution for remote support - without the need for a third party service or ongoing subscription costs. NetSupport Manager offers comprehensive multi-platform support from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android to any Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS devices.

An award-winning remote control solution that provides one to- many, multi-platform, remote control and desktop/server management support from a single Control console.

Key Features

Deliver Remote Control from any “Control” PC to any supported device running the “Client” software.

  • High Speed Remote Control
  • Watch, share or control devices on multiple platforms at the same time
  • Includes chat, message, help request and screen annotation features
  • TCP/IP connectivity for LAN users plus a unique HTTP Gateway for connecting to remote users over the Internet
  • Scripting and scheduling suite to automate repetitive tasks
  • Redirect printer output and clipboard during a remote control session
  • 1:1 and 1:many file transfer
  • Systems Management
  • Gather hardware and software inventories inc hot fixes from remote PC
  • Capture Geo Location of remote devices
  • View and control remote applications, processes and running services
  • Launch a remote command prompt and registry editor
  • Remotely power on or off devices
  • Group devices by OS enclosure type, location or company structure into a clear hierarchy
  • Full support for INTEL vPro devices
  • Security & AD Integration
  • Full data encryption options up to 256bit AES
  • Require user acknowledgements and encrypted passwords
  • Use security keys to make your copy of NetSupport Manager unique
  • Integrate directly with NT administration and authenticate connections directly
  • Full Active Directory integration and AD templates provided for enterprise-wide policy management
  • Profiled functionality allowing features to be enabled /disabled depending on the user
  • Full event and history logs including integration directly with OS event logs

What sets NetSupport Manager apart?

One time purchase, LAN, WAN and Internet Remote Control. NetSupport Manager doesn’t require a subscription, 3rd party server or online service in order to operate.

  • Secure Connectivity over Wired or Wireless, Local or Remote networks
  • Support computers over both a LAN using TCP/IP or over the Internet
  • Connect directly to known computers by PC name, DNS name or address. Use PIN connect for seamless connections.
  • Seamless and secure remote support between firewalled networks or
  • computers
  • No requirement to make any changes to your existing network security
  • Secure encrypted communications and user-authenticated access
  • Control
  • Manage unattended servers and attended users all in a single action
  • Remote Instruction Capability
  • Uniquely show your PC screen to selected remote devices in real time for presentations
  • Record a remote control session and save as replay file for future playback
  • Full two-way audio support within any remote session
  • Product includes NetSupport School classroom/training suite solution (for free)
  • One-to-Many Support
  • Not just 1:1, you can scan and view multiple screens in sequence
  • Features a unique real-time thumbnail view of all connected devices
  • Powerful automated scripting of routine tasks
  • Send files, screen, commands, alerts and more…all to many devices in a single action
  • Integration
    • Launch NetSupport functionality from within other systems (Service Desk, Support, Training) utilising full command line and variable

NetSupport Manager Mobile Control for iOS and Android

The NetSupport Manager Mobile Control for iOS and Android provides mobile remote control for existing NetSupport Manager remote control users remotely from any iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Tablet and smartphone or Kindle Fire.

The new Mobile Control allows a user to quickly search and connect to both local computers by either IP address or PC name, or to browse, connect and view remote computers utilising the free NetSupport Manager Internet Gateway component.

The NetSupport Manager Control provides full remote control, chat and message capabilities of any remote PC running an existing NetSupport Manager Client (version 11.04 or later).

To know more aboutNetSupport Manager Product take a video tour: