Managed Service Provider

Oman Fofor on the other hand also takes up contracts for support in Managed Service Provisions from companies and institutions that require such a service.

As a managed services provider (MSP),we most often deal with information technology (IT) related services and we manage and assume responsibility for providing a defined set of services to our clients either proactively or as may be determined by the services which are needed.

We therefore will receive a list of well-defined services on an on-going basis, with well-defined "response and resolution times" for a fixed rate or a flat fee. This can include things like 24/7 Monitoring of Servers, 24/7 Help desk for your daily computer issues and On-site visits by a technician when issues cannot be resolved remotely.

We provide an upfront bill for our setups or a transition fee and an on-going flat or near-fixed monthly fee, which benefits clients by providing them with predictable IT support costs.

As organizations face significant challenges in scaling and managing their global Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs, it has become much more cost effective to gain access to best in class tool sets, hardware, software and even niche technology experts by only paying for what you need by using managed service providers.

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Oman Fofor established in 1989 is a total ICT product and solution provider in Ghana and specializes in Office Automation, Power Solutions, Medical Eye Care, Document Management, Education, Networking, Security and many other products and solutions tailored as per the customer requirements.

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