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With IT Service Management (ITSM), we refer to the implementation and management of quality information technology services. Oman Fofor performs IT service management through people, process and information technology.

We no longer only focus on technology and our internal organization, instead, we now consider the quality of the services we provide and focus on their relationship with our cherished customers.

ITSM is process-focused and has ties and common interests with process improvement frameworks and methodologies. The discipline is not concerned with the details of how to use a particular vendor's product, or necessarily with the technical details of the systems under management.

Instead, it focuses upon providing a framework to structure IT-related activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users.

IT service management in the broader sense overlaps with the disciplines of business service management and IT portfolio management, especially in the area of IT planning and financial control.

ITSM is generally concerned with the "back office" or operational concerns of information technology management (sometimes known as operations architecture), and not with technology development.

In this respect, ITSM may be seen as analogous to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) discipline for IT.

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Oman Fofor established in 1989 is a total ICT product and solution provider in Ghana and specializes in Office Automation, Power Solutions, Medical Eye Care, Document Management, Education, Networking, Security and many other products and solutions tailored as per the customer requirements.

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