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Our document security and management package from uniFLOW is based on a software platform designed to control and maximize your cost of investment for your entire print, scan and device management and is tailored to bring out the full value of multi-functional print devices to the organization.

Key Features:

Cost Tracking - For better control of print budgets.
Secure Printing - For safe output of sensitive documents.
Intelligent Routing - For improved print flow and cost management.
Advanced Scanning - Making capture and distribution of information simple.
Document Security - For enhanced protection of company information.

We also offer a complete content management solution from FileDirector. This system incorporates document management, records management and business process management in a single application. This solution shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise significantly. This solution, noticeably, is a highly productive and more efficient way of managing documents that helps to reduce cost significantly .

In achieving this, FileDirector covers all the working stages that a document goes through in modern enterprises: from recording paper documents, or handling documents already in digital format, across search and retrieval to secure archiving of data - all functions are covered.

Key Features and Functions Includes -

Security – Security in any document management solution is vital, therefore FileDirector lets you have complete control over document access, activity auditing, revision control, retention control, and automatic storage of documents and emails.

Recording – Capturing information is easy in FileDirector. With support for thousands of scanning and digital input devices, and with predefined Scan Profiles, scanning has never been simpler. FileDirector’s MS Office Integration takes just a click of the mouse to capture documents, spreadsheets and email.

Indexing – Classifying documents can be done manually, or taken from the documents themselves by zoned OCR, full text OCR or barcode reading. Index data can be imported from other databases or files, or values can be automatically applied when importing or capturing documents. You can even have multiple records pointing to a single document.

Search & Retrievals – Search and Retrieve archived document using keyword search or full text search, which can find words or even whole sentences in the document content.

Process Management – Process management allows you to send documents to users via a set of predefined steps, where each user or users must perform specific tasks, such as commenting or approving a document. This is an ideal tool for applications such as invoice processing.

Storage – Via access to databases such as Microsoft SQL or Oracle, it supports multiple document storage schemas, and can easily handle millions of records and documents.

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